LG’s XF1 500GB multimedia hard drive touts HDMI, shimmery case


Another do-it-all hard drive player device? You got it! How on earth these guys differentiate themselves to sell enough to break even is beyond me, but this one sure is pretty. If flashing lights are your thing…and of course you don’t need to play back pesky H.264 videos, since those are SO last year (or not).



Look no further than LG’s XF1, a 500GB machine with a USB interface and HDMI output to stream some high-def content straight to your set — but at a maximum of 1080i. It’ll do AVI, Xvid, and MPEGs 1, 2, and 4 along with your typical audio codecs, but conspicuously absent on the video side are H.264 and MKV, meaning it’s not exactly the comprehensive playback device you might be looking for if you haven’t gotten around to standardizing your downloads to a single encoding.