Zotac ION A-Series ITX Motherboard Review


No surprises from the other ION reviews you’ve read I’m sure, these things are great HTPC motherboards for those interested. Can easily handle HD content and is low power. TechReviews For 1080P testing we’ll be using a clip from ‘Taxi 3’ which was also a clip downloaded from Microsoft’s website. The Asus EeeBox struggled to play this clip. The Zotac […]

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Atlona HD-AiR wireless HDMI system hands on


Being able to stream wirelessly via an HDMI dongle, for less than $200? Sounds too good to be true, and unfortunately, it is. Connect the dongle via USB to your PC, and then the adapter connects via VGA or HDMI. Their video isn’t working right now, but I’d imagine it will show the terrible performance. Engadget On top of that, […]

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Entertainment 2.0-Episode 37: Part 2

I’m dissapointed to say I still haven’t had a chance to listen to Part 1, but I heard it was a pretty good discussion between Extenders and PC’s. Part 2 is now up, so looks like I have some catching up to do. TheDigitalMediaZone Welcome back to part 2 of our discussion on PCs and Extenders with Ben Drawbaugh and […]

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Bose SoundLink Stereo Streams Tunes Wirelessly


If you like spending too much money on average sound equipment (depending on who you ask), then you’re going to love this news! Hey, at least stylistically it’s better than the old Bose…right?   HotHardware The system even includes a built-in, rechargable battery that enables it to accept streams and play back music away from an AC outlet for up […]

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LG slips 30-inch OLED panel production into 2012


Has anything been a longer tease than larger size OLED television panels? I mean, don’t get me wrong…people love a nice 15" tv, just not in their living room. I’m sure the technology is complicated, but 2012 sure seems a long way away for just 30". By then we’ll have even cheaper 60" TV’s.   Engadget Although LG had previously […]

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New Line of Marantz Blu-ray Players Launching In August


Boy, if you thought that Samsung blu-ray player was expensive, I can only imagine what one from Marantz is going to cost! But then again if you are considering Marantz, price is probably not an object. HighDefDigest The BD 5004 features DivX playback, BD-Live support, AVCHD, Dolby True HD and DTS-HD bitstreaming, and the 7004 adds 7.1 analog outs, DTS-HD […]

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Samsung BD-P4600 Blu-ray Player Review


If you wanted a wall mountable blu-ray player, you’re in luck!! It’s not a bad player by any means, but I’m with Ben on the price being way too out there…odds of you having all your devices wall mounted is so slim…unless Comcast releases a wall mountable set top box!! SCORE! EngadgetHD In a day when the most inexpensive Blu-ray […]

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