Zotac’s Zbox Nano AD10 Plus nettop

Zotac Nano

While buying a pre-built HTPC isn’t nearly as much fun as building yourself, there are some advantages to it. Zotac has been rolling out a number of various shapes and sizes for the last few years aiming to find a place. Here utilizing the Nano platform which was previously far too underpowered to act as a legitimate HTPC client, the […]

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Water by Low Carbon PC Review

Our friends at DMZ have posted a new review from boutique HTPC makers Low Carbon PC (who I admittedly had never heard of). The box is nice enough, at an MSRP of $799 though. I can’t stop staring at the wireless keyboard, which looks like it was ripped off of a laptop. Still, they seem to like it. With a […]

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Giada Ultra MiniPC DN2301 HTPC


We’ve been covering a lot of extenders, but don’t forget that with technology as it is today you can build a full blown HTPC that looks or in some cases, is even smaller than some extenders. Here’s an offering from Giada, a division of Polywell, but at $675 it’s a tough pill to swallow without Blu-ray.   The DN2301 is […]

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Sapphire Edge-HD Mini PC/HTPC


Haven’t had a chance to read this yet, but it looks like another HTPC offering, this time from video-card manufacturer Sapphire. In the world of audio video the holy grail is a box that can handle all your media content and have full access to web content. Fortunately Sapphire has released just such a grail, the Edge-HD which has the […]

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Boxee Box Release new Firmware with LOTS of Fixes

For those early adopters out there who jumped on the D-Link Boxee Box and experienced some issues, there’s some good news. Here’s a new firmware you can easily grab and has a ton of fixes and even some enhancements. As always, proceed with caution any time you do a firmware upgrade that just came out. Enhancements:     * Settings to […]

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Microsoft Connected Devices Displayed at CES

Hrmm…so was this everything you had hoped for from the recent news of a Microsoft offering against the Boxees and AppleTVs? Me neither, but I do think it’s a step in the right direction. They are still going to have the price discrepancy which will be hard for a lot of consumers to overcome, not to mention all the platform […]

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Boxee Box Teardown

I’m sure these reviews will begin to trickle down as more reviewers (including us hopefully) get their hands on the awesome new Boxee Box. This one is strictly a tear down (as far down as you would imagine). Still fun to see IMO.     The Boxee Box is a cubist deviation from the traditionally rectangular set-top box. The oddly-shaped […]

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