Best Buy to Embrace Home Automation

Best Buy Logo

Best Buy has started to embrace Home Automation and has started to dedicate floor space to Home Automation products. Browsing Best Buy the other day for a quick purchase of something else and I was shocked to see that it was already on a dedicated section of the store. They had the standard products from Belkin, Dlink, Kwikset, and Netgear. […]

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DoorBot WiFi Video Doorbell & Honeywell Smart Thermostat

SlashGear has a double dose of first looks at some new home automation devices–a WiFi video doorbell, and an interactive, voice controlled thermostat. The beauty of the timing is the companies couldn’t be more different: Honeywell is a behemoth, and DoorBot got their financial backing from crowdsourcing. In practice, if you’re expecting Siri levels of interaction you may be disappointed. […]

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Kwikset & ipDatatel Announce Zigbee Integration


When I was building my home automation (HA) system, the lack of devices and good integration between those devices was the main reason I settled on Z-Wave. In many ways Zigbee is a superior technology though, and also has the benefit of being supported by many chip manufactures (Z-Wave is controlled by Sigma Designs) so it’s great to see product […]

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Yamaha Android and IOS A/V Controller App

Yamaha has just released a new update to their RX-V Receiver app. The new app re-named AV Controller, now supports both Android and Apple iOS devices. You can now control your AV receivers inputs, volume, mute, you name it. I for one am extremely excited that AV manufactures are moving this route. The thought of having every single piece of […]

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Home Automation For Your HTPC

I have tinkered with home automation in the past. I didn’t get much past a few lamp controllers in my initial setup but I started to see the value of a whole house setup. The Digital Lifestyle has a nice write up on using Z-Wave devices with 7MC. You can turn devices on and off, dim lights and lamps if […]

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Control4 Home Automation Review

Prior to my exodus as owner from MissingRemote, I had delved into the Home Automation world. My experiences never got very far but I had some minor improvements. Gizmodo has a $5,000 package from Control4 up for review if you are not in the DIY mode. Control4 is a more entry-level solution to home automation, and they compete mostly with […]

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