Walmart sells Vudu to Fandango

Vudu is my favorite platform for streaming movies because they prioritize quality, both on the audio and video side of things. While it’s not quite as good as UltraHD Blu-ray, it’s close enough that I don’t feel the same necessity to own a disc that I used to. I guess it’s not really surprising that Walmart would sell off Vudu, […]

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Loving the RAID talk here

Good news if you are a fan of Linux kernel RAID, but everyone else is SCREWED :). Interestingly the author didn’t discuss the software solution I use (Windows Storage Spaces). Before going all in on WSS, I did test that I could migrate the array between boxes, but since raw performance wasn’t a massive concern I didn’t test that directly. […]

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Not cool Western Digital, not cool at all

While this issue shouldn’t impact those using software “RAID” systems as directly as those with the real kit. It’s terrible that Western Digital (WD) is using SMR on drives specifically targeted at NAS/RAID use cases. Some users are experiencing problems adding the latest WD Red NAS drives to RAID arrays and suspect it is because they are actually shingled magnetic […]

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