NeoCharge Smart Splitter – $499? WTF?

I firmly believe that there are no bad products, only bad prices. The NeoCharge Smart Splitter falls is the perfect example of what I mean. The concept is great in its simplicity. A fantastic use of basic IoT “smarts” to deliver something that can make using a single 240V receptacle much more convenient. But let’s be honest, it’s also something […]

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Hubitat 2.3.1

I’m thrilled with how my Hubitat keeps getting better, and today is the perfect e.g. because they released a new update which is awesome. The feature that has me most excited is the “Sticky trigger”, this comes in two flavors, with the net impact in how much easier it is to write rules like “lock the door after 10 min”. […]

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NVIDIA Shield Goes to 11

Well, more like Android 11, the NVIDIA Shield is actually going to “Experience 9.0″… Either way, it’s great on a few levels. Mostly because it shows that NVIDIA is still committed to enhancing what is, IMO, one of the best OTT streamers, but also because besides the bug/security fixes, there are some nice feature additions like 4K Dolby Vision/Atmos for […]

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