CES 2018 – Cone of Silence PrivacyShield sound blocker for smart speakers (i.e. Amazon Echo & Google Home)

For my family, smart speakers like the Amazon Echo or Google Home are an essential part of how we interact with the home automation (HA) system, intercom between rooms, and casually listen to music. The privacy implications of this aren’t that concerning for us as I don’t think we’re interesting enough for Amazon, Google, the NSA, or really anyone else […]

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Moving to the modern era

Welcome to the new Missing Remote website. It has been a long time coming, with quite a bit of work to do still left. Hopefully we’ve covered all the important things, but it’s quite likely that there are gaps. If you find one, please let us know; either in the comments below or via another mechanism. One important thing to […]

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CES 2018 – MySmartBlinds Bluetooth retrofit kits and bridge

I love the concept behind MySmartBlinds { https://www.mysmartblinds.com/products/automation-kit} solar powered $99 2.5” automation retrofit kit. I would love to have automated blinds, but the cost of a complete replacement is prohibitive. Especially considering that the blinds we have are in great shape. If rollers are more your thing, a kit should be available in a few months for $149.   […]

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