UniFi EV Station looks cool, but I wouldn’t take the chance

I love the idea behind Ubiquiti’s new UniFi EV Station EVSE, especially the ability to manage conditional access to charging. But given their history of poor hardware quality, it would be very difficult for me to bite on this. Especially considering the where the pricing will likely end up. Although, I suspect that pro-sumers aren’t their target demographic here, and […]

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Ubiquiti UniFi OS – Dream Machines 1.12.22

I have been running the 1.12.x BETA releases on my UDM-Pro for quite a while. Mostly because of [relatively minor] stability issues with the 1.11.x release. Crossing my fingers that UI has fixed it, but not holding my breath :). That said, 1.12.22 is looking really solid. With a massive list of improvements, and finally some [mostly] functional traffic rules. […]

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Home Assistant + Unifi + Sun Power Solar Energy Integration

The massive amount of user provided integrations to various 3rd party providers available to Home Assistant is one of the best things about the platform. This is a quick walkthrough of how I used hass-sunpower (https://github.com/krbaker/hass-sunpower) via HACs to pull electricity consumption & production values into Home Assistant so I could see it in the Energy dashboard.

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