RHA’s Amazing T20 Headphone, is now wireless

If you’ve thought “the T20 is amazing, but it’s kind of hard to commit to a wired-only headset especially as the 3.5mm jack fades away”, apparently you’re not alone (and I wouldn’t blame you). But, there is now a cake-and-eat-it-too solution to this dilemma, because the T20 is now a wired, and wireless, you-buy-one-thing-and-get-to-swap-cables-for-how-you-want-to-use-it bundle of sonic goodness. This is […]

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Zigbee’s All Hubs Initiative Could Solve The Main Issue With Zigbee Adoption

In many ways Zigbee is technically superior to Z-Wave, but the lack of guaranteed compatibility with Zigbee devices is one of the main barriers to its adoption in the home. Their “All Hubs Initiative” could sort that. If it does, Silicon Labs should be worried, very worried. The Zigbee Alliance Announces the ‘All Hubs Initiative’ Driven by Leading Ecosystems to […]

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Android Q Brings Wide Color Photos

More colors = more realistic photos. So just as HDR (properly applied) makes for a better viewing experience, I’m happy to see that Android will be receiving wide color photography with the next major release of the OS. The application is likely to be small at first, only one of the devices that I viewed the photos included in the […]

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