Monsoon Multimedia Announces Multi-Screen Policy Management Solution

Monsoon Multimedia, the folks behind the Vulkano Flow which we have mentioned once or twice, announced today their Multi-Screen Policy Management Solution aimed at enabling content service providers to easily deploy remote and mobile viewing service. Content providers have struggled to come up with ways to provide streaming services that allow subscribers to tap into recorded and live television on […]

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Self Install CableCARD Mandatory Nov 1

Well look at how things have evolved. This is great news for consumers who don’t have to waste their time waiting for techs to arrive, insert a card and dial a number (the CableCARD installation process). The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced Tuesday that the effective date for some new tweaks to the existing CableCARD rules is Aug. 8, but […]

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Microsoft May Be Set to Announce Subscription TV Service at E3

Once upon a time, Microsoft had a service called Xbox Live Diamond.  It was a short-lived, and rather pitiful, discount card program for Xbox Live Gold subscribers.  Sounds like we might be getting a new take on Xbox Live Diamond that could actually offer some true value.  The Xbox 360 already offers IPTV funtionality with Mediaroom integration for interested service […]

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Amazon Instant Video Players Comparison


Here’s a cool rundown of some of the various Amazon On-Demand players and their different interfaces. Not surprising they fall a bit behind what Netflix offers, as they’re much newer to the game. Regardless of which Amazon player you use, navigating the interface is a little bit of a maze compared to Netflix. This is most evident when browsing for […]

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Hulu Plus on TiVo Premier Hands On

Hulu on TIVO

I guess I’m a bit disappointed by this report of the latest integration from TiVo but not all that surprised. That being said I think it’s still a value add to the platform that some people will enjoy. Kind of reminds me of when Microsoft added “Internet TV” with a vision of integration that was short of expectations and its […]

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Verizon FiOS VOD Going Over-the-Top?

FiOS on Roku

Verizon showed off some new innovations in its Flex View VOD service and revealed that they might take the service over-the-top to both subscribers and non-subscribers outside of FiOS service areas. Verizon also showed off a Roku channel that would be one way to consume Flew View VOD content. If Verizon ends up following through, it will be interesting to […]

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RCN Confirms TiVo Premiere-To-Premiere Streaming

I think everyone knows by now I’m not a TiVo user (the idea of TiVo is actually what drew me to HTPC’s over 10 years ago), but I still have a place in my heart for them. And this is pretty awesome news…although again not exactly revolutionary. TiVo Premiere-to-Premiere streaming functionality is indeed included in the 14.8 software update. Perhaps […]

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