Is Netflix Abandoning Physical Media Too Soon?

Broken Disc

One of the reasons Netflix rose in popularity was its carriage of lower budget indie films and obscure classics that Blockbuster simply didn’t have shelf space for. Mounting evidence seems to suggest that Netflix is now choosing not to acquire as many of those types of titles due to its pursuit of digital streaming delivery. Further, it appears Blu-ray is […]

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Internet Streaming Services Analyzed, Winner Declared

If you are looking for an analysis of streaming content services which places an emphasis on quality, Tech of the Hub Blog has got you covered. The result is no surprise, VUDU is top dog while Netflix is declared “best value”. Given the recent announcements from Netflix and Amazon, there’s been a lot written about video streaming services lately. One […]

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Zediva Emerges as a New Netflix Competitor


Over the years, we’ve seen efforts from Walmart and Blockbuster to crack the Netflix juggernaut. The latest comes from Zediva which not only will rent you DVDs by mail, but will also instantly stream DVDs right to your PC, MAC, Google TV or Android devices (2.1 and higher) with plans for more devices soon. That’s not all, Zediva will rent you […]

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Warner to Offer Movies on Facebook

Is this a sign of studios trying to bypass Netflix and Amazon VOD services? I kinda doubt it, but it’s a smart play if your Warner anyways, offering yet another way to get direct money from consumers. It’ll be interesting to see Netflix’s response. Fans who “Like” The Dark Knight will be able to use their Facebook credits to rent […]

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Is Pay TV Making a Comeback?

Interesting report courtesy of NewTeeVee showing that pay TV subscriptions are actually rising. I have to wonder if Amazon jumping on the streaming TV bandwagon will have any affect on these numbers. Company 4Q Sub +/- 3Q Sub +/- Comcast -135,000 -275,000 Time Warner Cable -141,000 -155,000 Cablevision -35,000 -24,500 AT&T 246,000 236,000 Verizon 182,000 204,000 DirecTV 289,000 174,000 Dish […]

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