Is Pay TV Making a Comeback?

Interesting report courtesy of NewTeeVee showing that pay TV subscriptions are actually rising. I have to wonder if Amazon jumping on the streaming TV bandwagon will have any affect on these numbers.

Company 4Q Sub +/- 3Q Sub +/-
Comcast -135,000 -275,000
Time Warner Cable -141,000 -155,000
Cablevision -35,000 -24,500
AT&T 246,000 236,000
Verizon 182,000 204,000
DirecTV 289,000 174,000
Dish Network -156,000 -39,000
Total 250,000 120,500

  • Maybe this will be a wakeup

    Maybe this will be a wakeup call to Comcast to drop their prices.

    I think those quad tuner DVRs are helping AT&T, but I would guess that heavy video streamers opt for cable’s higher download speed.

    I looked at Amazon’s plan and I think it was 79 bucks a year to enroll into their prime plan and the selection was pretty slim, around 5,000 titles. That is far less than Netflix and it is only about 20 bucks cheaper a year. Perhaps if you were already a prime account holder it would be a nice perk. 

    I’d like to see a chart of all the streaming content sites. 

  • I think this is more of a

    I think this is more of a sign that the economy is turning around, than anything.  I am thinking that people tried to cut costs after loosing their job, etc, now that they feel more secure they are signing up again.

    • That is almost surely what

      That is almost surely what has happened. The TV biz is not immune to economic slumps and rallies, that is certain.

  • I wonder if Comcast is

    I wonder if Comcast is cutting any deals if you call to cancel. I’ll have to test that when I get a cablecard tuner. 


  • Comeback from what?  The

    Comeback from what?  The ~350,000 total subscribers that were lost for the first time ever during Q2 and Q3 2010?  And now the early numbers show a gain of 250,000?  So we’re at an overall loss of 100,000 subscribers.  What a fuss over nothing.

  • Count me in those numbers. I

    Count me in those numbers. I just got a subscription to Comcast cable after having been a cord-cutter for about 4 years.

    Now if only that damn HDHomeRun Prime weren’t taking so long…  😉