HDMI Cables Tested and Compared

HDMI Cable

Think HDMI cables are all functionally equivalent? Surprise, they’re not! If you’ve ever bought any of those fire sale HDMI cables, you’ve probably already learned this if you’re running them at 1080p/60. Poorly made cables often fail at higher bitrates. HD Guru takes a look at several cables mated to several different Blu-ray players to see which cables pass muster. […]

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Roku in Retail, Boxee Box Firmware Update Coming

Some nice news from two of the more prominent media player companies. First Roku answers the recent Boxee in Best Buy news with an announcement that not only are they in Best Buy, but also at BJ’s, Fry’s and Radioshack—did I just say Radioshack? How on earth is that company still in business. Ok, I digress. And in other news, […]

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Is Netflix Abandoning Physical Media Too Soon?

Broken Disc

One of the reasons Netflix rose in popularity was its carriage of lower budget indie films and obscure classics that Blockbuster simply didn’t have shelf space for. Mounting evidence seems to suggest that Netflix is now choosing not to acquire as many of those types of titles due to its pursuit of digital streaming delivery. Further, it appears Blu-ray is […]

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Ceton InfiniTV 4 CableCARD Tuner No Longer Backordered

If you’ve been reluctant to purchase a Ceton InfiniTV 4 CableCARD tuner due to the order backlog, you can now whip out your credit card. In case you weren’t aware, the quad-tuner MOCUR device has been in such hot demand and suffered from parts shortages since official release that the typical order would endure a wait consisting of months. One of […]

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Windows Home Server 2011 Goes RTM

It’s been a bumpy road for Windows Home Server enthusiasts, but WHS 2011 has finally reached offical release status. I know there have been mixed feelings in the community about the server product previously known as “Vail” since Microsoft announced that WHS would no longer include the Drive Extender technology that was one of the defining characteristics of the original […]

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Media Browser 2.3.1 “Titan” is Officially Released

It came later than expected, but the latest version of Media Browser has been released. We posted a little bit about this new 2.3.1 version, codenamed “Titan”, a couple of weeks ago when the Media Browser team first announced the new Media Browser Store. The Media Browser Store has actually been up and running for several days now, but some […]

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