Home Premiere, $30 Premium VOD Service Launching Next Month

We finally have more details on the premium video on demand (VOD) service we learned about earlier in March. According to Variety, Warner Bros., Sony, 20th Century Fox and Universal are all going to provide titles for the service named Home Premiere. 

The titles are expected to hit the VOD service 60 days after theatrical run and will drain your wallet to the tune of $30 for a 48 to 72-hour viewing window depending on the title. DirecTV is the exclusive launch partner with Comcast to follow in a limited fashion near the end of April. 

Things might get interesting with theater owners threatening to balk at titles carried on the premium VOD service. Studios say the viewers who will use the service aren’t able to make it to the theater in the first place.

Hollywood has firmed up its plans to roll out premium VOD next month.

Warner Bros., Sony, Universal and 20th Century Fox are the first studios that have agreed to launch Home Premiere as the industry’s official brand that will offer up movies to rent for $30 two months after their theatrical bows for a two- to three-day viewing period, depending on the distributor.

DirecTV will exclusively launch Home Premiere nationally to its nearly 20 million customers, while cablers like Comcast will introduce the service in certain cities for an undisclosed period of time, sometime around the end of April.


  • Yet another reason why I’m

    Yet another reason why I’m glad I dropped DirecTV four years ago.  $30 to watch a movie over 2-3 days when you can wait another month or two and get it on Blu-Ray for $19.99 or less.  Such a deal!  Those guys in Hollywood are sheer geniuses.  Either that or they believe we’re all morons.Money mouth

  • $20/25 for 72 hours, same day

    $20/25 for 72 hours, same day release as the theaters and an WMC plug in and I’d be very interested to at least give it a try but as is I have no interest in it.

  • No thanks.  It may get a few

    No thanks.  It may get a few hits when the summer and winter blockbusters make it out, but that’s it and will be far too few to keep it afloat.


    Crash and burn…lots of fire.

    • If these companies really
      If these companies really want to own the VOD market they need to work harder on their pricing. Comcast charges anywhere from $4.99 to $6.99 for VOD movies. I’ll just keep my netflix thank you.

  • George L. Schmauch Jr.

    While I don’t think $30 is

    While I don’t think $30 is reasonable, expecting this particular “convenience” to be the same price as regular VOD is foolish.  That will never happen.