Windows 10 Makes Us All Guinea Pigs

Windows 10 splash screen

If only that were a joke!  This Windows 10 article has my blood boiling for a number of reasons.  Microsoft stated Windows 10 would be their final operating system.  Then, they forced it down everyone’s throat with the enticement of a free operating system upgrade, unadulterated chicanery, plus the threat of pulling the free upgrade after a year, thereby making anyone […]

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HDHR DVR comes to XBoxOne

I’ve never had a reason to regret opting for a PS4 over an Xbox One, but there is now one thing that I really wish that it could do – that the Xbox can now do. Work with the HDHR DVR. Hopefully, PS4 is next :). If you have an Xbox, head over to the Microsoft store and let us […]

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Windows 10 Video Player Adds SRT Support

As you could probably notice from the image above, the first time I opened the Windows 10 Movies & TV app was to take this screenshot. Frankly there are better [free] apps for watching local content, and I’m not convinced by Microsoft’s content ecosystem (yet). That said, SRT support is a great step forward. Hopefuly the player continues to get […]

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Xbox One Isn’t A Native Media Center Extender

I honestly don’t quite know how to feel about this finally officially confirmed news that the new XBox One won’t include the Media Center Extender infrastructure. I always suspected that this was the case, but officially hearing it is a sad ending to this journey. Windows Media Center is clearly not in the company’s plans in the future. Sad day. […]

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Xbox 360 Gains 10 New Apps, 40 More by Spring 2013

Xbox Karaoke.jpg

Microsoft has announced the arrival of 10 new entertainment and content apps for the Xbox 360 as part of their plan to take over the living room via the game console. The new SkyDrive app, which serves up photos and videos stored on a user’s SkyDrive account, is the only app that will be available across all regions. The other […]

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