Few Smartphone Users Watching Movies, TV Shows

I can’t say this is very surprising as the numbers are relatively low. After all, outside those of you who commute or travel frequently for work, when are you not in front of a laptop or iPad. New comScore data about what users do with their smartphones notably glosses over the fact that just 9.3% of users watch TV or […]

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2011 – 2012 Network TV renewals and cancelations

The fall 2011 and winter 2012 TV lineups are starting to flow in. Some really surprising results have come out. Some good shows or at least I thought they were good shows on Fox are getting the AX. Lie To Me, Human Target, The Chicago Code are all done. Normally we weren’t suppose to find out about next seasons shows […]

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Warner Buys Flixster & Rotten Tomatoes

This is more interesting news than relevant to the home theater space but I thought it worthy of front page newsdom given how much I love Rotten Tomatoes. Hopefully this isn’t the beginning of the end for them. The studio’s plans for Rotten Tomatoes seem less ambitious. The news release only states that the team of the movie review site […]

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TV Premieres, Finales & Specials

Our manlove for Geektonic has been obvious, but in case you were not aware, he’s continuing his weekly season premier schedule. I like it for a quick check to make sure my DVR is on task and fully pegged out. Don’t forget about our Spring/Summer TV guide if you want all the new shows listings. Wednesday, April 27 South Park […]

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VUDU Now Streaming to Your Browser and More

VUDU in Browser

VUDU (review) keeps rolling out the improvements. Today, you can head on over to VUDU and see streaming direct to your browser. Previously, the only way to get VUDU on the PC was via Boxee. It is still SD only at this point. One can hope that someday we’ll get VUDU’s excellent HDX streaming direct to the PC. VUDU GM, […]

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Starz Working on New Netflix Deal

I have mixed feelings when I read a piece like that. Glass half empty says that prices will go up and Starz will try to corner Netflix into paying a lot. But here’s an interesting quote that I’m sure isn’t missed by the smart folks at Starz–subscriptions have actually gone UP. Go figure, when people see the GOOD programming that […]

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Ad Watch: The Super Bowl Commercials

I know this isn’t directly Home theater related, but with so much attention to it, I wanted to find a blog that had links to the Super Bowl commercials. There were quite a few funny ones, and even included complete selling out for Eminem. I think the Doritos dog was hilarious, as of course was the VW one. What was […]

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VUDU Updates UI On Most Devices


A couple of weeks ago, I posted a review of my experience with VUDU and mentioned that a new UI was coming. Well, today is the day that it has dropped to most connected devices. I will have to wait a bit longer to see it because VUDU is still working on the update for Vizio and Samsung connected devices. […]

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