Warner Buys Flixster & Rotten Tomatoes

This is more interesting news than relevant to the home theater space but I thought it worthy of front page newsdom given how much I love Rotten Tomatoes. Hopefully this isn’t the beginning of the end for them.

The studio’s plans for Rotten Tomatoes seem less ambitious. The news release only states that the team of the movie review site will continue to work independently out of Los Angeles. Rotten Tomatoes was acquired by Flixster in early 2010 in a deal that gave News Corp. a minority stake in the combined company. AllThingsD reported earlier this year that Warner was in discussions to pay up to $90 million for Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes.


  • The fact that their plans

    The fact that their plans include using Flixster as a digital distribution platform and piece of the Ultraviolet puzzle is relevant. If this turned into some sort of distribution platform other studios also joined, things could get very interesting as we talked about in our last podcast.