We reviewed the awesome HDPlex H10 a couple months ago, and Mikinho absolutely loved it. Now they’ve got a new smaller form chassis up and the gang at SilentPCReview took it for a spin. No surprise that they joined our ranks in absolutely loving the design and noise (or lack there of) that comes with it. It’s hard not to […]

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MetaBrowser 2.1.5 – A Look At What’s New


We did a movie comparison guide way back in 2009 when MetaBrowser was in its infancy, and it’s always good to see a product continue to evolve and grow. Here’s a new update for it and our friend Damian takes an in-depth look at what’s changed.     MetaBrowser comes with the ability to act as a Web Service, which […]

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Remote Potato v1.0 – Schedule WMV Recordings Remotely

Here’s a pretty cool plugin that finally has reached official version 1.0 status that allows you to stream and schedule recordings via your guide remotely. If only Microsoft had an app…err…oh yeah, they did…two of them…that they swallowed. Whoops! Version 1.0 brings with it all of these new features:     Fully seekable video streaming in new, ultra-high quality H264.     […]

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KWorld M210 Network Media Player

Here’s a review of a KWorld media player which I need to add to our Media Player Comparison guide. The guys at Hardware Bistro seemed to like it. If home theatre system is over budget then you may consider a media player which allows users to run certain of multimedia applications on a TV; this is even better if it […]

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My Movies Collection Management 4.01 Pre Release 1

My Movies 4.01 Pre Release 1 is now available. One of the biggest new features available is resuming of movies. I have personally been using My Movies for years. Every time I rebuild my Media Center machine, My Movies is the first application I install every time. Head over to My Movies and give it a look, it definitely is […]

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Verizon FiOS VOD Going Over-the-Top?

FiOS on Roku

Verizon showed off some new innovations in its Flex View VOD service and revealed that they might take the service over-the-top to both subscribers and non-subscribers outside of FiOS service areas. Verizon also showed off a Roku channel that would be one way to consume Flew View VOD content. If Verizon ends up following through, it will be interesting to […]

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CNET Reviews Denon’s 1912

I’m happy see Ethernet appearing on mid-level AVR, mostly for control but also because of the IP features it provides.  Hopefully it also means that firmware updates won’t require a trip back to the manufacturer. It’s unclear from the review whether AirPlay support is an optional (and additional cost) feature with this year’s Denons, so Apple users will need to […]

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