Blockbuster FINALLY Realizes 99-Cent Rentals

It only took the company going bankrupt, almost disappearing, and getting bought out by Dish, to FINALLY wake up and smell the coffee that people will not pay $5 to rent the same movie they can rent for $1 ANYWHERE ELSE! Kudos to the Dish management for making this happen quickly, it may very well save what’s left of the […]

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Sentey SS1-2421 Slim Series Case


I’m not sure how I feel about this case…it’s somewhat different that’s for sure! The Sentey SS1-2421 case is part of Sentey’s Slim Series lineup and comes with a 450W SFX12V power supply. The Sentey SS1-2421 can house a micro-ATX or ITX motherboard, and up to four low profile PCI devices, as an HTPC or an office computer. The front […]

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