Scythe Kozuti Low-Profile CPU Cooler


Scythe just introduced what appears to be an attractive new option for SFF HTPC use in their low-profile CPU Cooler named Kozuti that only stands 40 mm tall. The cooler uses an 80×10 mm PWM fan to keep both height and width of the cooler under control. The fan airflow can range from 6.0 – 24.82 CFM with a corresponding […]

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Warpia StreamHD Wireless 1080p Review

We’ve recently reviewed similar products in the Veebeam and Brite-View devices, and you might notice a similarity in the body design of the Warpia to some others. Most of these products will be OEM’d from a specific vendor and then it’s up to the company to customize the software. It seems like this one is pretty good, although it’s odd […]

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Amazon Instant Video Players Comparison


Here’s a cool rundown of some of the various Amazon On-Demand players and their different interfaces. Not surprising they fall a bit behind what Netflix offers, as they’re much newer to the game. Regardless of which Amazon player you use, navigating the interface is a little bit of a maze compared to Netflix. This is most evident when browsing for […]

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Hulu Plus on TiVo Premier Hands On

Hulu on TIVO

I guess I’m a bit disappointed by this report of the latest integration from TiVo but not all that surprised. That being said I think it’s still a value add to the platform that some people will enjoy. Kind of reminds me of when Microsoft added “Internet TV” with a vision of integration that was short of expectations and its […]

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