Scythe Kozuti Low-Profile CPU Cooler


Scythe just introduced what appears to be an attractive new option for SFF HTPC use in their low-profile CPU Cooler named Kozuti that only stands 40 mm tall. The cooler uses an 80×10 mm PWM fan to keep both height and width of the cooler under control. The fan airflow can range from 6.0 – 24.82 CFM with a corresponding noise range of 8.2 – 32.5 dba. Installation looks quite easy with no mounting bracket required. It also accommodates a large number of CPU packages including Intel 775, 1155, 1156, 1366 and AMD AM2/2+/3.

If you’re ready to jump on one of these, you can of course buy from the usual suspects, Amazon and Newegg. Pricing appears to be in the $35 – $40 range.

Japanese cooling expert Scythe has officially announced the availability of a new top-flow cooler that uses a unique design in order to reduce its height and make it compatible with low-profile system cases. 


  • Thanks for the heads up –

    Thanks for the heads up – will certainly consider for a mini-itx (SB or Llano) HTPC build in the coming months.

    BTW, did you mean “4.0cm tall” (not 40cm)?


    • Good catch! 40CM would not be

      Good catch! 40CM would not be too low-profile. I really meant mm instead of cm. That darn metric system… Embarassed

  • If anyone is considering this
    If anyone is considering this heatsink be careful of your RAM height and DIMM slot position. I have a Shuriken Rev. B that just barely touches the RAM in slot 1. Regular, plain, old RAM with no heatsink of it’s own. Not a major issue as it’s on a full ATX board, but something to consider if you’re using a mATX or ITX board with only 2 DIMM slots.