SiliconDust HDHomeRun PRIME 6CC Available for Pre-order

I debated posting this given that we just announced the 3-tuner version for $250 available, but now you can also pre-order the SIX tuner version for $500! Before you scoff remember that the Ceton is a 4-tuner unit and costs $400. Availability is showing July 18th, which is a week earlier than the 3-tuner version.


  • Based on two 3-tuner HDHomeRun PRIME units
  • 17″ home-theater form factor
  • US Digital Cable
  • M-Card CableCARD interface (x2)
  • USB Tuning Resolver interface (x2)
  • 1000baseT (gigabit Ethernet) network interface (x2) (compatible with 100baseTX networks)
  • 1 year warranty


Pre-order at Newegg

  • Does this thing need two

    Does this thing need two cablecards in order to get all 6 streams working?

  • Since the specs say:

    Since the specs say:

       M-Card CableCARD interface (x2)

    I’m assuming that means to accomodate the two cablecards required to get all 6 streams going.

    That fact there is probably the biggest disadvantage of this unit compared to the upcoming ceton6 card (from what I’ve read so far).

  • yeah. So basically the way

    yeah. So basically the way this tuner works, is it’s essentially TWO of the 3-tuner PRIME tuners inside 1 enclosure, and sharing 1 power outlet. But each obviously still requires its own CableCARD and cable connection as well (and ethernet).

  • The Cisco tuning adapters

    The Cisco tuning adapters only handle two streams at this point, so I wonder how having just two USB ports and thus a limit of four SDV channels is going to work.  Same question for the three channel version with only one USB port.  Perhaps they are just hoping that Cisco will really release the updated four channel firmware by the 8/1/11 deadline?

  • I was close to clicking the

    I was close to clicking the checkout button last night but I want to see how the reviews go.

  • I’ve had my InfiniTV4 since

    I’ve had my InfiniTV4 since August and, during periods of heavy use, the cablecard can lock up, giving me a tuner unavailable message on my extenders.  A reboot will clear it up, but it can get quite annoying and tends to lower the WAF considerably.  Even though a single M-card can supposedly handle six HD streams simultaneously, I think 3 tuners per card is a more sensible setup if you’re looking for stability.  I’ll be curious to see how the InfiniTV6 (?) fares when released to the wild.