AnandTech Does Lnyx (Llano) HTPC Style

I’m really happy to see that in addition to the standard “PC” reviews on Lynx (desktop Llano) launch day, there’s at least one HTPC perspective on the platform.  You’ll have to read it to get the full story, but it definitely looks like AMD could have a solid competitor to SNB’s in our niche once they nail down some driver […]

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AMD Llano vs Intel Sandy Bridge HTPC Analysis Review

This is a fairly high level comparison of the two, but given the recent surge in reviews of the new AMD platform I thought it was beneficial. Looks like we have a nice competition brewing! The Lynx system (A3850 + Gigabyte A75 motherboard) performs well and matches the Core i3-2100T system. The first Fusion APU, the E350N, manages even lower […]

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Difference in HDMI cables: A Free Live Webinar

CePro is putting on a free live webinar to talk about the in’s and out’s of HDMI cables. The webinar will cover topics around 3D, True Color, and things about “will my cheap cable be good enough?” For dealers, questions about HDMI still abound: – Will HDMI cable handle new technology and specifications, like Audio Return Channel (ARC) and HDMI […]

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Blu-ray Releases – June 28, 2011

Sometimes we have weeks full of awesome movies making it difficult to pick. Sometimes there just aren’t very many movies at all to pick from. THEN we have weeks like this where there are lots of movies, they just happen to be TERRIBLE. The most hyped movie of the bunch had to be Sucker Punch, from famed director Zach Snyder […]

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How to Connect a New Receiver to a TV without HDMI


You just bought a fantastic new audio/video receiver (AVR) for your home theater system and you’re prepared to connect everything. Since times are tough you decided to keep your old rear projection or other HDTV since the quality is still decent and for your needs it seems to do great. If your TV is too old however, it will not […]

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Sandy Bridge-based Pentium G850, G840 and G620 Chips Reviewed


Intel’s Sandy Bridge Pentium chips released about a month ago piqued our interest for what could be a perfect combination of price and features for many HTPC builders. X-bit labs reviewed the G850, G840 and G620 and found them quite capable and recommended them specifically for HTPC use.  With the G620 performing similarly to the Clarkdale i3-530 and sipping only slightly more power […]

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HP MediaSmart LED Management for WHS2011

Now this is why I love the community so much! The HP MediaSmart WHS series has been scrapped by HP, but that hasn’t stopped a certain forum user of taking it upon himself to fix the blinking LED issue you have if you tried upgrading to WHS2011 as I did! Not flawless success yet, but looks extremely promising! Compatible Hardware: […]

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