AMD Llano vs Intel Sandy Bridge HTPC Analysis Review

This is a fairly high level comparison of the two, but given the recent surge in reviews of the new AMD platform I thought it was beneficial. Looks like we have a nice competition brewing!

The Lynx system (A3850 + Gigabyte A75 motherboard) performs well and matches the Core i3-2100T system. The first Fusion APU, the E350N, manages even lower power consumption, but that is a 19W TDP chip and it’s CPU is weak compared to the A3850, so it is like comparing an Intel Atom to a Core i series CPU.


  • I got the feeling that this

    I got the feeling that this site was a little bias towards Intel. From what I read though I’d say either system would work for me, it would just come down to which one was cheaper. Hopefully the NICs on the AMD systems have improved.