About Us

About Us

MissingRemote is a home for “smart” technology products, gadgets, Electric Vehicles (EV), and news. Historically our primary focus has been connected home, home theater, and networking. Like it, or not, the world is getting blanketed with computers and sensors (i.e. the bits that make things smart). We love it, most of the time, so we’ve recently branched out to cover other areas where “smart” products are enhancing the user experience beyond traditional areas in the home. All that said, “smart” is a focus point, not a hard limit, our editors have immense freedom to cover topics that interest them.


Andrew Van Til | andrew@missingremote.com | @babgvant

Andrew has been with MissingRemote since August, 2009. A longtime home theater enthusiast, he got started with HTPC in 1999 after installing a DVD-ROM drive and pulling A/V cables from the office to the TV – been a wild ride since. Andrew is interested in all sorts of smart technology, home networking, automation, and fitness technology (mostly focused on running and cycling).

Contributing Editors:

George Schmauch
Carolyn Van Til
Pete Bosiak
Ken Stark | @starkenator
Skye Banta | Twitter



MissingRemote was launched in 2006 by former HTPCNews.com editors Alan Cooke and John Clabaugh. In July 2009 Mike Garcen took over the site, and then handed it off to Andrew Van Til in 2015.

If you are interested in contributing content to the site please contact andrew@missingremote.com.

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