Netflix releases 4K HDR sample file

I have a reasonably good sized collection of sample/test clips that I use when testing kit. On the odd chance that you also horde these sorts of files, you’ll be interested in a 4K HDR sample that Netflix just released. You won’t have to search for Torrents of Netflix’s new 12-minute show Meridian: the streamer has published the program as […]

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NETFLIX Original release schedule

If you have NETFLIX, I’m sure you’ve also been impressed with the depth, variety, and [mosly] quality of their “Original” content. I really enjoyed the first season pf “Bloodlines”, so that’s what I’m looking forward to the most. What’s your top show? This is every announced Netflix Original date that Netflix has announced. (If a show you are looking for […]

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Block Google DNS per device

Block Google DNS

Domain name space. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons. Some apps, like Netflix, have recently started hard coding Google’s DNS servers into them to combat the use of VPNs and Smart DNS services. Most of the guides I’ve seen have indicated that the best way to combat this is via “static routes to nowhere”. While this is an approach, I […]

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Intel Fixes Netflix DD+ HDMI Audio Issue

If you use Intel HDMI audio with the Windows 8.x “Metro” Netflix app you know that Dolby Digital Plus (DD+) output has been broken for, um, forever. Thankfully, they just released an updated audio driver that solves the issue! Huzzah! Unfortunately at the moment it looks like they’ve only updated it in the Ivy Bridge GPU driver package for the […]

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Netflix vs Blockbuster – An Infographic

I’ll admit, I love infographics. Steve gave me the heads up to this infographic that’s analyzing the history and demise of Blockbuster in comparison to the rise of Netflix. It’s quite interesting if you weren’t always aware of the happenings. Of course, if you owned Blockbuster stock, you probably know all too well.

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Netflix Is Coming After Your Cable Box

Interesting and big win for Netflix in the UK, and it makes great sense if you’re them. And honestly, if you’re an MSO, it makes sense for them too. Why try to build up a lower quality competitor that probably doesn’t have much value, when you can just charge Netflix a royalty for doing all the hard work anyways? But […]

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Cox Pulls Plug on Streaming Video Service

Interesting to see a big cable provider fail miserably at trying to compete with Netflix. Although charging extra for a box just for this, and then charging more per month…seems like it was doomed from the start. That’s where Netflix has the edge, given the vast number of devices which already support it–or heck, even just getting a $35 Chromecast. […]

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NETGEAR NeoTV MAX (NTV300SL) Media Streamer


After experiencing NETGEAR’s previous generation NeoTV NTV200, with solid function, value and distinction as one of the only media streamers with HDMI CEC support it was genuinely exciting when the NeoTV MAX (NTV300SL) arrived with a dual-sided QWERTY remote, full VUDU 3D and Netflix multichannel audio with subtitle support–that NETGEAR only asks $70 (MSRP) for the device was gravy. With […]

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Netflix Streaming Now Available in Scandanavia

A couple of months ago, HBO and Netflix announced within days of each other that they were going to be launching streaming services in Scandanvia. At the time, HBO stated that HBO Nordic would launch in October, but Netflix was going with a less definitive launch date of “by the end of the year”. Call me cynical, but I think […]

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