Nest x Yale Lock Deadbolt

My husband has wanted a smart deadbolt since he saw one on This Old House a few years ago. I resisted that request till now. With other Nest devices in the house, I thought I try out the long-promised Nest x Yale Lock. Pricing for the smart deadbolt starts at $249, but it needs a Nest Connect or Nest Secure […]

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Aeotec Z-Wave Water Sensor 6 now available

It’s a great idea to add water/flood monitoring into your home automation system. It can make a huge difference between a bad thing, and a catastrophe. This $60 Z-Wave sensor from Aeotec looks pretty nice, and includes vibration and temperature sensors as well as watching for H20. Water Sensor 6. Flood sensor. Leak sensor. Safety sensor. Z-Wave sensor. Monitor a […]

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Ecobee Switch+ now up for pre-order

If you’re planning to put an Amazon Echo Dot and a home automation (HA) controllable light switch in every room, I guess I can see the value in the $99 Ecobee Switch+. But, I’m not convinced that I want to tie my home so tightly to the Amazon ecosystem, especially because in my experience the 3rd party Alexa experience kinda […]

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