Is Thread 1.2 The One True HA Protocol?

With real support for BTLE, and massive sensor pools, Thread 1.2 takes a major step forward towards being the home automation (HA) protocol that can really do everything. Even more importantly, all the big players (cough… newcomers) are lining up behind it, so there is massive backing. While I personally have a [mostly] Z-Wave installation at home, I would love […]

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Zigbee’s All Hubs Initiative Could Solve The Main Issue With Zigbee Adoption

In many ways Zigbee is technically superior to Z-Wave, but the lack of guaranteed compatibility with Zigbee devices is one of the main barriers to its adoption in the home. Their “All Hubs Initiative” could sort that. If it does, Silicon Labs should be worried, very worried. The Zigbee Alliance Announces the ‘All Hubs Initiative’ Driven by Leading Ecosystems to […]

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Zooz 4-in-1 Sensor

The Zooz 4-in-1 sensor is a reasonably priced way to add motion, light level, humidity, and temperature sensing capability to your home via a home automation controller. Pro: Good price Once paired, work very well Four sensors from one device Con: Z-Wave pairing process is onerous  

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