A Triumph for Home Automation

Last night, er… this morning, I was rudely awoken by my Google Home. But, I’m glad I was because one of our sump pumps had failed and there was water in the basement. What could have easily been a massive mess, was just a bit of water around the pit, and couple inconvenient hours as I pulled the pump out […]

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Is Thread 1.2 The One True HA Protocol?

With real support for BTLE, and massive sensor pools, Thread 1.2 takes a major step forward towards being the home automation (HA) protocol that can really do everything. Even more importantly, all the big players (cough… newcomers) are lining up behind it, so there is massive backing. While I personally have a [mostly] Z-Wave installation at home, I would love […]

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Kwikset Announces Halo Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Details are still a bit thin on the ground, but Kwikset is bringing out a Wi-Fi enabled deadbolt lock. Wi-Fi is obviously a much lower bar to entry than a proper home automation hub/system, so I can see why they are doing it. But, if it’s just an isolated lock, with no chance of integration with other systems (even the […]

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