Risk Is Hard: EV + Garage Edition

A friend recently mentioned some hesitancy around parking an EV in their attached garage. I get that, kind of, we all probably remember the problems that Chevy had with their Bolt EV. They actually said out loud “don’t park it in the garage”. But it’s important to keep some context around the actual risk. While EV do occasionally light on […]

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All LG Laptops Have Problems With Thunderbolt 4 Docking Stations

I decided that leveraging the Thunderbolt 4 port on my LG laptop to add multi-monitor, a keyboard, mouse, and a wired network connection was a great idea. Turns out that all LG laptops do not properly support Thunderbolt docking stations, and the network connection will not work. It’s really disappointing that this issue exists. Hopefully LG will take it seriously […]

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UL Certification is a Band-Aid®

Safety certification in the US is more complicated than it should be. A big part of this is that Underwriters Laboratory (UL) plays a dual role in the ecosystem. I recently got in an extended discussion with a UL Supremacist around this, after I said something was UL Certified when that wasn’t technically true, because UL is a Band-Aid®, and […]

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