Ubiquiti Networks NanoSwitch (N-SW) Unmanaged Passive 24V Passthrough Switch

The new, and still in short supply, Ubiquiti Networks NanoSwitch N-SW provides 1-to-3 passive 24V passthrough Gigabit Ethernet switching for a very reasonable $40. The weatherproof form factor and -30 to 70° C (-22 to 158° F) operating temperature make it a great solution for all but the most extreme locales. But, the lack of manageability and modern power over […]

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Ubiquiti announces UniFi nanoHD 4×4 MU-MIMO 5GHz / 2×2 2.4GHz 802.11af Wireless Access Point

With an MSRP of $179 (1x) / $875 (5x), the new Unifi nanoHD access point is well priced. Especially considering the 802.11af power delivery, and 4×4 MU-MIMO nature of its 5GHz radio. 2.4GHz is a much more pedestrian 2×2, which is fine for most applications. Looks like these should hit retail around the end of the month. Our Smallest Access […]

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Unifi 5.7.x gets stable release

One of the best decisions I made when we were moving back to the US was outfitting the new house with a Unifi Wi-Fi system. Pulling Cat6 through the walls wasn’t much fun, but having a dedicated enterprise access point per floor made all of those consumer wireless problems melt away (note to self, really need to finish up that […]

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Who’s Home

Who's Home

I love home automation (HA) because it allows me to make mundane tasks happen without any sustained intervention. Just setup a scene, and let the magic happen. Generally, this works great whether it is a scheduled event or something that is trigger driven. But, every so often I have a scene that requires more intelligence than is available out of […]

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