Yamaha Android and IOS A/V Controller App

Yamaha has just released a new update to their RX-V Receiver app. The new app re-named AV Controller, now supports both Android and Apple iOS devices. You can now control your AV receivers inputs, volume, mute, you name it. I for one am extremely excited that AV manufactures are moving this route. The thought of having every single piece of […]

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CNET Reviews Denon’s 1912

I’m happy see Ethernet appearing on mid-level AVR, mostly for control but also because of the IP features it provides.  Hopefully it also means that firmware updates won’t require a trip back to the manufacturer. It’s unclear from the review whether AirPlay support is an optional (and additional cost) feature with this year’s Denons, so Apple users will need to […]

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Kinect for Windows SDK Beta

Last week during the second day of Mix11 Microsoft announced the opening of the Kinect for Windows SDK. While this might not mean much right now, the possibilities are endless. Adding Netflix Kinect like support for Media Center or integrating Kinect home automation like features posses some really interesting features. If you are a developer and would like to join […]

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HDMI Cables Tested and Compared

HDMI Cable

Think HDMI cables are all functionally equivalent? Surprise, they’re not! If you’ve ever bought any of those fire sale HDMI cables, you’ve probably already learned this if you’re running them at 1080p/60. Poorly made cables often fail at higher bitrates. HD Guru takes a look at several cables mated to several different Blu-ray players to see which cables pass muster. […]

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Is a “Black Hole” an Ideal Home Theater?

Everyone seems to have different preferences for lighting in their home theater, but there are a lot of people who like having a “black hole.” I’m not one of them as I prefer an extremely small amount of light in my viewing environment. An interesting article over at CE Pro explains that viewing in total darkness causes the eye to […]

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Samsung Reveals 2011 3D Bluetooth Glasses

Samsung 2011 Bluetooth 3D Glasses

If you have read our XPAND Universal 3D Glasses review, you know why we’re not too fond of infrared as a physical communication layer for active shutter glasses. Samsung has now finally uncovered their new Bluetooth 3D active shutter glasses that will be used with 2011 models. Samsung appears to have also enhanced the feature set of their new glasses […]

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Weekly Podcast Roundup, December 16, 2010

Lots of great content as always this week, enjoy! After several weeks of covering the news, we finally move on (mostly) from the WHS Drive Extender debacle and straight into metadata and getting your Recorded TV sorted the way you want.  There’s no one good way to handle this situation if you want to use a different system.  Most are […]

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