CNET Reviews Denon’s 1912

I’m happy see Ethernet appearing on mid-level AVR, mostly for control but also because of the IP features it provides.  Hopefully it also means that firmware updates won’t require a trip back to the manufacturer.

It’s unclear from the review whether AirPlay support is an optional (and additional cost) feature with this year’s Denons, so Apple users will need to double check that one – last year it was $50. 

The Denon AVR-1912 is the most complete midrange AV receiver we’ve seen in 2011 so far. It’s one of the only two receivers in its class (the other being the Pioneer VSX-1021-K) with built-in support for Apple’s AirPlay, a feature that lets you use any iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad as a wireless music source. While the Pioneer has a nicer interface, the Denon outdoes it with slightly better sound quality, a sixth HDMI input, a two-year warranty, and onboard support for Pandora, Rhapsody, and Napster. The Denon AVR-1912 is our go-to pick if someone asks, “Which AV receiver should I buy?” and that’s why we’ve given it our Editors’ Choice Award

  • I wonder if Denon fixed the

    I wonder if Denon fixed the horrible speaker pop that results when skipping forward and backward through content on media center that I experienced with my brief time using Denon’s 1611.  Could be PC specific, may not — never tried any other sources of input, but the Yamaha I switched to, although not as good amplifier, doesn’t have the click/pop craziness that the Denon did.

    • Andrew Van Til

      I have a AVR-1909 currently,

      I have a AVR-1909 currently, never had that problem.  I have seen reports of a similar issue with some Onkyo AVRs though.

  • Andrew Van Til

    WMunson wrote:Received this


    Received this email from Denon on my 1611 and the Window’s Media Center forward & backward speaker pop issue:

    “There is a Firmware Update that specifically addresses and corrects this issue on the 11 series product. The 12 series product already has the corrected firmware so the issue will not be present. Unfortunately the 1611 does not have an Ethernet connection so the update must be done at a Denon authorized service center. Please follow the link to find an authorized service center to have the update performed.”


    Yeah, firmware updates are one of the reasons I like the Ethernet option.

  • Hello all,
    I realize that

    Hello all,

    I realize that first post on this website is reviving an old thread but I just bit the bullet on the Denon AVR-1712.  Its sort of a mishmash of options from different price levels because I have no Airplay, ethernet or USB but it has Audyessy MultEQ XT and 2 component video inputs for those with older devices.  MultEQ XT was the clincher for me because besides the 1712 you don’t get XT until the $649 2112ci.


    I wanted to know how important the ethernet feature is for a beginning HTPC user.



    • It’s not a feature that you

      It’s not a feature that you need as much if you have an HTPC. A Denon AVR with the Ethernet port will give you an easy way to upgrade the firmware, control the receiver with a web interface, save/restore settings via the web interface and stream audio from web or local PC for decoding by the Denon.

      I’ve just purchased a 2112 myself, so if you have any questions, feel free to start up a thread in our forums and we can try to answer them for you.