RCN Confirms TiVo Premiere-To-Premiere Streaming

I think everyone knows by now I’m not a TiVo user (the idea of TiVo is actually what drew me to HTPC’s over 10 years ago), but I still have a place in my heart for them. And this is pretty awesome news…although again not exactly revolutionary.

TiVo Premiere-to-Premiere streaming functionality is indeed included in the 14.8 software update. Perhaps even more significant (to TiVo) is what looks to be a consolidation of the codebase. The fact the RCN-deployed TiVo Premiere DVR hardware is running a similarly numbered software version as retail and now includes the HDUI is notable.


  • I was a diehard Tivo user

    I was a diehard Tivo user from day one.  I tried just about every brand of DVR I could get my hands on and the hackability of the Tivo along with the vast community support kept it at the top of the heap for many years.  I eventually transitioned over to HTPCs about four years ago but still used Tivos for recording FIOS channels.  When the InfiniTV4 came out last year I all but completely retired my Tivos.  My one remaining activeS3 Tivo has been reduced to duties as a tuner for my 42″ Sony HDTV monitor in the family room.

    One thing that’s always bugged me about Tivo is that they design the hardware to be just barely capable of performing the functions built into the software.  Streaming between Tivos is limited to the newest Premiere simply because the predecessor models don’t have the infrastructure to handle it.  Tivo has always made claims that they are not a hardware-based company yet they keep coming out with new features that require you to upgrade to a new box in order to take advantage of them.  They could easily design a box to be upgradeable via firmware and software but they just refuse to do it.  They should make out like bandits with the latest pricing structure for the Premiere models.

  • Interesting.  I have the same

    Interesting.  I have the same setup.  TivoHD in living room, HTPC w/Cetons in basement with Xbox 360/DMA-2200 throughout the rest of the house. 

    I’m curious if I am not getting the full idea here.  Tivo Premiers will now allow playing recorded shows residing on Tivo A from Tivo B?  Didn’t my beloved, but sadly SD, ReplayTV do this ten years ago?