Amazon Launches Trade-In Beta Program

Recently Best Buy announced a trade-in type program where you could sign up when you purchased a product, and then it showed you how much you could trade it in down the road. This one’s a bit different with Amazon as it can be any product and then it shows you the value in Amazon gift cards they will give you for your product. They offered me “up to $118” for my Iphone 3gs…so proceed at your own discretion, but you probably would have better luck selling in our forums. Also, it looks like for now it’s just general electronics, so no trading in your old video card or laptop.


  • i should’ve mentioned, the

    i should’ve mentioned, the trade-in for Blu-rays doesn’t seem that absurd, with some getting around $10 value. That’s about what you can sell it for online, and less hassle.

  • That’s kinda cool.  I’ve used

    That’s kinda cool.  I’ve used their trade-in program a few times for video games and I’ve liked it.

    They offered me ‘up to $69’ for my iPhone 2G, which seems around the average for what I’ve seen on eBay.  Although I suspect if I Craig’s Listed it with an unlocked firmware I could get a bit more(but that comes with the hassle of directly dealing with the people off CL).  At the moment, the iPhone just sits on my desk since I swapped to an Android phone a few weeks ago.  Still trying to decide if I want to integrate it into my HTPC setup or just sell it.  At least with this program, it’s one more option for what do with old electronics.

  • I put up a post on Slickdeals

    I put up a post on Slickdeals about this, figured I’d mention it here too.  If anyone has an iPhone 2G 8GB laying around, the trade-in value on it jumped to $171 for like new, $137 for good condition.  It’s a weird price that isn’t in-line with the trade-in values of any of the other iPhone models.