HDBaseT @ CES 2013


I love the concept of HDBaseT. Run some Cat5e/6, add a switch and some devices that support HDBaseT (or adapters if using “legacy” devices) into the mix and you get a whole home media distribution network capable of pushing 100MB, 100W of power, audio/video, and control anywhere. With the right devices, you can do everything with just one cable. There […]

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TiVo Mini to Bring Multi-Room TiVo to Life

TiVo Mini.png

Extenders are back in vogue. There have been a number of intriguing extender-based, multi-room streaming systems to talk about this year. DISH has their Hopper and Joey combo, and of course, many of us around here are eagerly anticipating the Ceton Q and Echo, but before the year is out we should also have TiVo’s version. TiVo first signaled their […]

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SageTV Coming to Boxee Box

Many SageTV users are well aware of the skyrocketing eBay prices of the SageTV extenders after the company was purchased by Google and the extenders were pulled from retail. It seems SageTV extenders are about to get a second life in the form of the Boxee Box. An unsanctioned effort by third-party developers is underway to bring SageTV front-end functionality to […]

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Boxee Software Client Getting an Update…Eventually

Every few months I get curious about WMC alternatives and end up loading Boxee. I’ve always found it just a little too rough around the edges. When the Boxee Box first came out I was hopeful that this would provide the development impetus that would turn Boxee into a viable WMC replacement, at least in my book.  Unfortunately, my hopes have […]

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Blinkx Is Coming to a Roku Near You


I’m not familiar at all with Blinkx but they seem to growing pretty fast. This announcement that they’ll be on Roku boxes only makes it that much easier to consume. The app has four categories to browse through: Sports, News, Popular and Fun, all of which draw from Blinkx’s premium content partners. While the company started as just a video […]

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Warpia StreamHD Wireless 1080p Review

We’ve recently reviewed similar products in the Veebeam and Brite-View devices, and you might notice a similarity in the body design of the Warpia to some others. Most of these products will be OEM’d from a specific vendor and then it’s up to the company to customize the software. It seems like this one is pretty good, although it’s odd […]

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KWorld M210 Network Media Player

Here’s a review of a KWorld media player which I need to add to our Media Player Comparison guide. The guys at Hardware Bistro seemed to like it. If home theatre system is over budget then you may consider a media player which allows users to run certain of multimedia applications on a TV; this is even better if it […]

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SageTV HD Theater 200 External IR Mod

I love mods that void the warranty of a product for a useful purpose! Here’s one for the older SageTV extender device and connecting an external IR to it so you can tuck it away yet still control it. If, however, you are the owner of an HD200 that is already out of warranty and are still reading, then you’ll […]

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Logitech Revue with Google TV Now $199.99

While this is still too expensive in my opinion it’s a far more reasonable asking price to their original $300. Still filled with flaws and nobody knows what the future holds, still…not a bad price to have a new toy to play with. Amazon actually has this now for $179…that’s pretty darned good. No word when/if it will bump to […]

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