Microsoft unveils live TV streaming for Xbox 360 from Sky TV, Foxtel and Canal

I love what Microsoft is doing building an entire ecosystem based around the Xbox360, I only wish that Media Center was included. Here are the new features Microsoft announced at E3, with voice-powered search and a variety of streaming sources outside the US.

Microsoft confirmed the recent rumors and announced a new streaming TV implementation for the Xbox 360 today at its pre-E3 2011 keynote. The Kinect and Bing-powered voice search that can pull in content from online sources like Hulu, Netflix and Xbox Live Marketplace, will also work with live TV from IPTV partners. So far that list only includes Sky in the UK, Foxtel in Australia and Canal+ in France, but users there will be able to search across all the services and view them directly through the console itself.


  • I just watched the keynote
    I just watched the keynote last night…..I am excited. I feel like I need to get another kinect to play some of those games at my upstairs tv….

    I am curious to see how this Live TV works out, they made it sound like you couldn’t do Live TV on Xbox right now….we all know that is a false statement