Boxee Software Client Getting an Update…Eventually

Every few months I get curious about WMC alternatives and end up loading Boxee. I’ve always found it just a little too rough around the edges. When the Boxee Box first came out I was hopeful that this would provide the development impetus that would turn Boxee into a viable WMC replacement, at least in my book. 

Unfortunately, my hopes have been continually dashed as the Box got updates and the PC software did not. A post on the Boxee blog today promises that will change. I have always understood why the PC software would lag behind the Boxee Box, but the lack of communication about the future of the PC software was what drove me nuts.  That being said, fall is a long ways off.

Good news for PC/Mac/Linux users – we are working to update the downloadable software version of Boxee and hope to have builds available this fall so you can enjoy the updated browser, improved playback, and lots more content that are currently available on the Boxee Box.

We know Boxee users on computers have been frustrated with the long wait and we want to be open with you about our priorities, growth, and the future of Boxee.

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