Organize Your Media Files with Mediafile

I do not archive many television series, but those few that I have collected have been left in DVD rips because, frankly, I have been too lazy to separate the episodes and prep them for MediaBrowser or My Movies.  However this little tool might just be enough to convince me to take the plunge.  I also like the idea of taking our family videos and sorting them out properly for inclusion with XML metadata.  This initial release of Mediafile is being billed as a limited function free version, so it will be interesting to see how the developer builds out the planned premium features.

I am really happy to release first free edition of MediaFile. It’s main goal is to help you organize your Movies and TV Series collections. Anyone with big library of recordings knows that archiving their beloved shows or movies is a time consuming task. Creating proper folder structure and renaming files can take days, weeks and in some cases even months. I only hope that MediaFile will speed up the whole process for some of its users.

  • You know with the new version

    You know with the new version of MyMovies supports TV Shows as complete ripped DVDs without the need to separate all the individual episodes.