Zotac H67-ITX WiFi H67 Motherboard Review


Here’s a nifty little board from the gang at Zotac, full of features including wireless, maybe your next HTPC board? Today sees us still keeping our focus on small form factor in general but taking a look at a slightly different product, that shares the same market. The Zotac H67-ITX WiFi is still aimed at the HTPC market but differs […]

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Installing a Server OS in Intel Media Series Motherboards

Intel Motherboard.png

Having seen Missing Remote’s reviews of the Intel Media Series motherboards it should be clear that they provide a solid foundation for a home theater PC (HTPC) build, but because they also include Intel NICs (network interface controller) there is a strong case to use one for your next server build as well.  Unfortunately, Intel does not support server operating […]

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