First Look At The New Apple TV

Here’s Ian’s first look at the tiny new AppleTV box. I’m far from sold for this, but Ian seems to like it, with the known limitations being accepted and understood of course.   I like my hacked first gen Apple TV especially for listening to music so I was keen to try out the new Apple TV device. I have […]

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Wow, talk about a huge upgrade from a V1. I had mostly given up on’s Media Center plugin a while back, but it looks like it may be time to check back in. Pretty cool new and easy to follow interface. is an add-in for Windows Media Center (part of Windows 7) that allows you […]

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Ceton InfiniTV 4 Tuner Sharing via Network Bridging


For those that missed their podcast last night, Josh and Adam from The Digital Media Zone announced Network Tuner Sharing working in the latest Ceton InfiniTV4 Beta firmware. While we can’t comment too much on the implementation, I can confirm that it has been working well. Not only that, but it works on W7, Vail and Windows 2008 R2. I know […]

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Boxee Box Ships on Nov 10th

It is official, the Boxee Box by D-Link is shipping on Nov. 10.  And it will also come out of box with Boxee v1.0! If you are not a Cable or Satellite subscriber does it offer enough to migrate away from more traditional tuner-supporting HTPC software?   We just got final confirmation from D-Link that the Boxee Box will start […]

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Reminder: FCC’s October 14th meeting next week

While this isn’t a new article by any means, it is dated September 23rd, new Missing Remote member @brennok reminds us that the "next hearing on CableCARD is set for October 14th so time is running out." If you want to voice your opinion, now is the time, well a couple months ago would have been better but…. If you have […]

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Google TV Preview

Google TV looks pretty good, if they can turn it into an application for the PC they may have some competition with boxee, WD, apple TV.  Although all of the videos I have seen of google tv appear to be renderings so far, no true video of the logitech STB working.   This is good. No, strike that. This is […]

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GeekTonic Checks TV Series’ Pulse

I’m a little disappointed that "The Good Guys" is on the list because as bad as it is, I still enjoy it.  Check out the rest of the status check over at GeekTonic.   As we move into October, it’s time to check the pulse of various TV Series.  Here’s my take so far on the shows that have been […]

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Focal Dome 5.1 Speakers

When it comes to speakers I’m usually a "no replacement for displacement" kind of guy, but that approach requires enough space and a sprinkle of SAF.  For those with a discerning ear and a challenging environment a system like this might be just what the audiologist ordered.   Each unit is then filled with a four-inch Polyglass mid-bass driver, a […]

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