Reminder: FCC’s October 14th meeting next week

While this isn’t a new article by any means, it is dated September 23rd, new Missing Remote member @brennok reminds us that the "next hearing on CableCARD is set for October 14th so time is running out."

If you want to voice your opinion, now is the time, well a couple months ago would have been better but….

If you have not done so already, check out Ben Drawbaugh’s (via Engadget HD) summary of Thursday’s upcoming meeting agenda and send your comments to FFC via their Electronic Comment Filing System.


The FCC announced the agenda for its October 14th meeting and low and behold it contains the FCCs intent to release a "Third Report and Order and Order on Reconsideration that will make changes to the FCC’s CableCARD rules." So obviously it’s our hope that the changes proposed in the FCC’s Broadband plan will become a mandate and not just a dream. Here’s a refresher, the proposed changes include:

  • Ditch Tuning Adapters and let devices with Ethernet ports communicate upstream via IP to tune SDV channels.

  • If a customer has a CableCARD in their leased set-top box, it must be reflected on the bill like any other CableCARD would.

  • If the provider offers a self install for leased set-top boxes, they must also allow self install of a CableCARD.

  • Software shouldn’t require the same CableLabs certification hardware does.