Xbox 360 Chatpad Driver Challenge!


Lately I have started playing games on my Home Theater PC. Sitting on my couch and playing video games on my 42" tv is absolutely great. It’s comfortable, the screen’s big, I can kick my feet up. All around excellent. To play games I use a Logitech Rumblepad 2 for playing the game and a Logitech diNovo Mini for communicating […]

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FCC Votes to Change CableCARD Rules

Here’s a good writeup from the FCC’s meeting today, and good news that there’s still desire to improve (versus abandoning) CableCARD. Those include ensuring that operators support accessing switched digital video by retail devices, prohibiting box price discrimination, requiring the option of consumer self-installation of the cards, giving consumers information on the cost of retail vs. leased boxes, making it […]

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Weekly Podcast Roundup, October 14th 2010

Here’s the roundup of podcasts in the past week…Enjoy! This week’s podcast gets started with some of the best comments left after the last episode, before we delve into our (very different) opinions of the initial Google TV efforts from Logitech and Sony. After that, Cisco tries to get into HDTV-based videoconferencing and the Windows Phone 7 launch brings some […]

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