Improving WAF for completely selfish reasons


How pathetic am I?  I could just stop there but I won’t.    In a recent blog post I described how my family is currently testing out Netflix.  While it was fun at first to be able to stream movies on my laptop I quickly got tired of the small screen size.  Unfortunately, since we have a newborn at home […]

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First Look At The New Apple TV

Here’s Ian’s first look at the tiny new AppleTV box. I’m far from sold for this, but Ian seems to like it, with the known limitations being accepted and understood of course.   I like my hacked first gen Apple TV especially for listening to music so I was keen to try out the new Apple TV device. I have […]

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Wow, talk about a huge upgrade from a V1. I had mostly given up on’s Media Center plugin a while back, but it looks like it may be time to check back in. Pretty cool new and easy to follow interface. is an add-in for Windows Media Center (part of Windows 7) that allows you […]

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Netflix Streaming Only Plans?!


We may have been the last holdouts but my wife and I finally joined the present and signed up for our 1 month free trial of Netflix. What I found interesting was that when we signed up we noticed that one of the plan options was $7.99 unlimited streaming only plan.  This is the plan that is used by our […]

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