Diamond HD Mini Media Player


Have you ever been on the road and wanted easy access to your content on that hotel TV or that projector at work and didn’t want to mess around hooking up your laptop? Want something ultra-portable,low cost and just works? The Diamond HD Mini Media Player (MP700) just might be that player you are looking for. Hardware Specifications Specifications:  Product […]

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Weekly Podcast Roundup, October 21st 2010

Here’s the roundup of podcasts in the past week…Enjoy! Is Ceton’s TV Tuner shipping? Should I upgrade my upscaling DVD Player? Top 5 Alaskan movies. Are soundbars a good option for my system? And the Blu-ray releases for October 19th, 2010. [HD Nation] The Home Server Show Podcast Episode 109 Engadget HD Podcast 220 The Movie Podcast: Oct 18th, 2010 […]

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