Primary HTPC Software Results and New Poll!


Wanted to thank everyone for participating in our poll last week. It was very interesting watching the poll results come in and seeing the final results. In case you missed them, here’s the results:     Almost 400 people participated and surprising myself, SageTV came out ahead of everyone with 44% of the votes. Windows 7 Media Center was just […]

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Google TV Preview

Google TV looks pretty good, if they can turn it into an application for the PC they may have some competition with boxee, WD, apple TV.  Although all of the videos I have seen of google tv appear to be renderings so far, no true video of the logitech STB working.   This is good. No, strike that. This is […]

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Best Products of CEDIA Expo 2010 Slideshow

In looking at this slideshow, I’m a bit underwhelmed really. A lot of rehashes from previous years, and an awful lot of speakers, but nothing with a real wow factor IMO. I’ve seen and heard Martin Logan’s though, and they are impressive…so I’ll start you all with their pick. MartinLogan’s electrostatic models are made for showing off in media rooms […]

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