Google TV Preview

Google TV looks pretty good, if they can turn it into an application for the PC they may have some competition with boxee, WD, apple TV.  Although all of the videos I have seen of google tv appear to be renderings so far, no true video of the logitech STB working.


This is good. No, strike that. This is great: Application on Google TV. There TV stuff is starting to look betterer and betterer every day. Start your photocopiers, Cupertino, because Apple TV is now looking dated.

Look at that applications menu. It has it all, from a browser like Chrome to NBA GameTime to Netflix to Pandora to Napster. In theory, you will be able to expand your TV in any way you want using these applications, just like you can expand the functionality of your iOS or Android thingamajig to suit you needs. Apple can also do this, they just need to enable it—and they better do it soon. [Google TV Blog and Netflix Blog]