HTPC in a Nintendo 64 Shell


Now here’s a cool little HTPC someone developed, utilizing an old Nintendo 64 chassis to fit in his HTPC.Looks like a tight fit but with minimal specs (SSD, Mini-ITX) it looks more than capable–and more important, it is super stealth!  this zotac mobo has almost everything needed (sound, graphics, CPU, connectivity HDMI, Wifi N, optical out etc ), has a […]

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October 12th Blu-ray Releases

Long list of movies…probably the longest list I’ve ever posted for releases with recognizing the fewest titles. Go figure. MissingRemote’s Pick of the Week Hangover Extreme Edition ** This already came out on Blu-ray months ago, but in case you haven’t bought it yet, now you can get this super duper extreme version, which includes the following extras in addition […]

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Blu-ray Player Poll Results


First off, thanks to the 197 people who participated in last week’s poll, asking the question of "What is your primary Blu-ray playback software or hardware." It was said after our last poll on HTPC software, that our members are somewhat skewed based on the content MissingRemote caters to, but the numbers here seem pretty understandable. We show 15% of […]

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