HDTVtest Has The Scoop On LG + OLED + HDR

LG loves OLED, LG’s OLED displays support two of the five (!) HDR standards and more. Including temptation for UK buyers at the end. Must resist 🙂 OLED television has captured the attention and imagination of the videophile community due to the display technology’s ability to render true blacks, and one manufacturer more than others has been responsible to push […]

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Sharp @ CES 2014

If you followed TV news coming from CES 2014 you probably picked up on Sharp’s massive 85” glasses free 3D display. Everything I heard about it was positive so I made a special trip out to have a look; and was sorely disappointed.   To make it work you need to move to a place where the two white lines […]

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Report: Few Using Smart TVs to Full Capacity

In the battle for the living room, I’m not at all surprised by this report from NPD. Who doesn’t have a set top box, gaming console, dvd player or other device that is capable of providing additional services similar to what their televisions can offer? My TV doesn’t have any, but I definitely would be among those who never use […]

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CEA Settles on Ultra High-Definition to Describe 4K or QuadHD TVs

Ultra HD.jpg

The Consumer Electronics Association has announced that the next generation of high-definiton televisions will officially be labeled Ultra High-Definition. Several TV manufacturers have already launched TVs running at resolutions higher than current HDTVs, and they have been marketed as 4K, QuadHD, or Ultra HD. The CEA is hoping that standardizing on a specific term and setting minimum standards will assist […]

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