Sharp Prepping Anti-Glare Moth Eye Panels for TVs this Fall

Sharp Moth Eye.jpg

Sharp is introducing some interesting new technology for a select set of their TVs this year. Sharp will be releasing five Aquos Quattron 3D XL TV sets with a new anti-glare technology dubbed Moth Eye this fall. The new tech evidently uses tiny irregularities in the surface of the LCD panel to reduce glare from external light sources and improve black levels. LCD TVs have certainly come a long way in reproducing deep black levels in recent years, but there is always room for improvement.

 It’s bringing five LCD TVs to market in Japan this fall with a new glare-reducing, contrast-enhancing panel called Moth Eye. The name stems from the properties of its namesake, whose tiny irregularities cut reflections and help the insect to see in the dark.  

The Verge