Microsoft Launches Xbox Music

Xbox Music Pass.jpg

The last we had heard about Microsoft’s Xbox Music service, rumors were circulating that it would launch on October 26 along with free ad-supported streaming. Turns out, those rumors were sort of right. Xbox Music launches today on the Xbox 360 alongside a dashboard update. The dashboard update will also bring the Xbox UI more in line with the Windows 8 […]

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Raspberry Pi – Same Price, Double the Memory

Double the Raspberry Pi.png

With XBMC adding Raspberry Pi support, there has never been a better time for DIYers to try their hand at building their own SoC-based HTPC/extender. How fortunate then that the diminutive hardware kit continues to improve. The Rasperry Pi is available as a Model A or Model B variant with 128MB and 256MB of RAM respectively. With RAM prices in […]

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TiVo Launches Developer Channel and SDK for Third-Party Apps

TiVo Developer Channel.png

 It can be difficult to spend time on the Internet these days without running into the phrases “Post-PC Era” and “app economy”, usually in the same sentence. TiVo may not necessarily be “Post-PC”, but the company has long understood the potential for apps to differentiate a platform. Unfortunately, though TiVo started adding apps to its platfom for thrid-party services relatively […]

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Roundup – October Never Sleeps Edition

Lasso Trick.png

It is no secret that October tends to be a big month for those interested in technology. With companies gearing up for the holiday shopping season and jockeying to one-up the competition in pursuit of the dollars destined to stream out of our wallets, October tends to be a poor month to take a vacation if you spend your free […]

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