Gift Guide Roundup

With the holiday shopping season in full effect, the Internet is awash in gift guides. These gift guides are ostensibly prepared to help us find the right gifts for our friends and family, but let’s face it, we really use them to get a final rundown of the year’s best tech gadgets and make our own Santa wish lists. At least we […]

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Boxee [Finally] Gives Netflix Love

It’s been a long time coming; hopefully the wait was worth it to all the Boxee Box owners out there.  I have to wonder how many potential buyers were waiting for this update… We are happy to announce that TV shows and movies streaming instantly from Netflix is now available on the Boxee Box by D-Link in the US and Canada. […]

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Logitech Squeezebox Touch review


What a long way the Squeezebox has come. Remember when it was just a simple VFD in a case?!? Well, guess there are some benefits by getting purchased by big Logitech. This one’s nice, but no surprise that it works best when you can actually touch it. Logitech’s touch-sensitive addition to the Squeezebox family, aptly named the Touch, has taken […]

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Over 300,000 iPads sold on launch day

I’m sure most of you already know this, but for the sake of discussion…the iPad sold over 300,000 on launch day. Initial reports had it much higher, but still that’s a pretty solid number for a first gen product, right? Now, not all of those 300,000 were folks lined up at Apple Stores. Apple says the figure also includes "deliveries […]

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Netflix App Streams Gorgeously on Windows Phone 7


Sorry so late on this, sure most of you have caught wind of this Windows Phone 7 news by now, but the interface seems pretty slick!   Gizmodo Here’s the first demo of Netflix running on Windows Phone 7. Keep in mind, it’s technically a prototype, but equipped with show subscriptions and 3G streaming, Netflix is super hot on the […]

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AMX Control with New iRidium iPad App


I’m not sure how many of you guys have AMX controls at your house (that stuff is sweet, but very expensive)…but if you DO, then you’ll be excited about this news. And also, you probably will be able to afford the iPad no problems.   Automated Home "We introduce you a new version of iRidium program for AMX and iPad […]

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