Microsoft Zune HD vs. Apple iPod Touch


Not directly HTPC related, but I’m sure there’s plenty of you out there using the iPod or Zune to manage your library when you hit the road, so this is a pretty interesting debate. The ZuneHD has received some positive news thus far, so see how it handles against the iPod Touch.   DigitalTrends The generous 3.5-inch screen on Apple’s […]

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ZuneHD Reviews Roundup


It’s still unclear the precise future of the portable device, but so far reviews are pretty glowing for the new ZuneHD. It looks slick, the interface is good, but I thought the screen was a bit tougher to use than the iPhone given the smaller screen real estate, but it’s so very thin and very drool-worthy. Gizmodo The gorgeous 3.3-inch […]

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Iogear announces Avior AV solutions line


IOgear is tossing their hat into the very lucrative A/V Home Theater accessories product category, with a variety of products. I don’t see anything to directly compete with Monster’s directly but there are some nice items here that could be of some use (assuming they work).   SlashGear The new line of gear is called the Avior series and includes […]

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ZuneHD on the Big Screen – Why get excited though?

Ok, so Simon from found this video of the ZuneHD on the big screen, and I will agree, it does look quite impressive. It’s responsive, appears to be in high-ish definition and a somewhat MCE-familiar interface which has been successful for 10 years. But why all the excitement? Is anyone ACTUALLY planning on connecting this device to an HDTV […]

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Xbox Micro Could Be a Great XBMC Client


This is just too cool, but after 6 months of work to achieve this design it sure better be! But just imagine having this little box sitting in your living room with XBMC running on it. Not a bad mod indeed.   Engadget Enter the Xbox Micro, a 1-inch thick celebration of all that is good and holy about the […]

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ZuneHD Specs Revealed – Not the next PMCE


PMCE stood for Portable Media Centers, for those who weren’t around during those glory days. I’m a bit sad but not all that surprised by this announcement of its specifications. The ZuneHD is primarily going to be marketed as obtaining all your content via the Zune Store, which makes sense financially, but it doesn’t mean these types of things don’t […]

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Zune/360 To Get Married At Last

Lets face it, the whole love triangle between the Zune, 360 & Media Center has been iffy at best. No torrid love scenes, no kinky hook ups, just the very basics. Well it looks like the Zune & 360 are going to be k-i-s-s-i-n-g and pushy a baby carriage while Media Center gets left out in the cold. Gizmodo has […]

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Nyko Wii Party Station


I may not own a Wii, but this definitely seems like a great addition to your next party.  It’s still a prototype and there’s talk of making the chip bowl larger, as well as some other changes.  I have to give Nyko credit for thinking outside the… Wii. Gizmodo There are LCD scoreboards (so you can keep track of which […]

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